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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

From the Reluctant classic archives...

Conrad has gratefully accepted the huge mirror as a peace offering from his jealous ex-girlfriend, Marcia. Having no idea that the mirror may be the cause, he seeks her help to adjust to this new shape and lifestyle...

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    Yes, it was satisfied!

    Very much so, in fact, as the mirror, or, rather, the entity within it, analyzed the thoughts and body processes it had read in its prey’s mind during the brief probe. It had pulled an image from his mind, then flashed it back for a split second in order to gauge the man’s reaction and receptivity along with the potential capacity for resistance.

    Pleased with its findings, it had fed, only a taste, really, then replaced what it took with something else only a little different in its own perceptions.

    Other than that, the entity did nothing but watch.

    Satisfied with the flavor of its sampling and the ease of replacement, it was now more than content to wait patiently as its present target fell more under its influence.

    Mainly because it wasn’t all that hungry, yet..