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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Cory is a normal teenaged boy, albeit one endowed with a high-pitched, feminine singing voice. While that suited the parts he sang with his musical group, Corey is resigned to being a minor league performer on the local scene until into his life comes Julia, a manager with big ambitions and a vision of what the boy could be with her help. She proposes that Corey adopt a femme lifestyle, while maintaining a male identity.

Under Julia’s tutelage and financing, not only is the boy passable as a young lady but he is actually gorgeous, especially in the wardrobe that Julia tells him he must adopt 24/7 to maintain his image. He soon finds out that Julia, his professional partner, is highly attracted to him/her. Will the audience’s response to his/her new character justify all the frills, silk, and satin?

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    Crossdressing, gender transformation