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Mark is a kind of a nerd as a boy. He's much too shy to come on to girls. When a magic ring comes into his life, though, he develops the ability to transform his body into that of a sexy young woman. Cindy, the hottest girl in school, finds this more than interesting and fate takes a hand in forming an unusual and close friendship between the two.

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    Her enthusiasm wasn't wearing off on me. Maybe from her point of view it was entertaining, but I was the one it was happening to. "It didn't feel awesome. It was weird."

    "Of course it was weird," she argued. "What's not weird about having your body magically change so dramatically? But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I mean, aren't you even a little curious about just how far you can take this? Try on some more of my clothes?

    I had a heavy sense of foreboding about where she was going with this She was probably thinking the same things I had been thinking about in the laundry room as I watched her clothes dry. "No in fact, I think I should leave now."