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Three stories of transformation...

London Nights - A tortured woman who has lost her daughter, forces a young man, Chris to replace her daughter, Emma.

Road Trip - After a disastrous breakup, David decides to return to his hometown and get back to basics. At the local gas station, he realizes that the cashier, Rachel, is actually his old childhood buddy, Chris. They begin a process of mutual discovery and healing.

Pleasure and Pain - A mother decides to help her son avoid becoming the worst thing anyone can grow into, at least in her mind, that is a man.

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    "My dear Chris, you are too like my daughter to be allowed to just leave. I intend to recreate you in Emma's image. You will be identical in every way."

    "You're crazy! You seem to have forgotten one vital detail... Emma was a girl!"

    "Yes and so shall you be, my dear,! A cocktail of female hormones and Emma's DNA are now circulating through your body. Your pituitary gland has been surgically removed from the base of your brain and I have replaced it with female glands. As you may be aware that gland also dictates your gender and yours will now be producing female hormones only, sugar."