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Mark gets snotty with a singer working in the bar where he is drinking with his buddies, possibly hurting her chances to further her career. Using hypnosis and drugs, she gets her revenge by transforming him into an exact copy of herself and sending him out on that same stage to show him how it feels.

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    "Nice to see you again, Mark. Are you ready for your debut?"

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "Why Mark, don't you remember? Last night you really hurt Vera's chances for a career and you volunteered to take her place tonight."

    "What? I can't go out there in front of the crowd. No one wants to her a a guy sing, especially an untrained bass who doesn't know the words."


    "I'm glad you could make it, not that you had any choice. The drugs never fail and the spells have set you up for your debut as my replacement. The crowd won't know that, in case you're worrying. Here, let me take your things."


    "Don't leave, Mark, not that you could. You made a promise last night and we have merely made it possible for you to fulfill it. Ok, let's get started. First off, strip."