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Charlie made a fine-looking girl. So fine looking, in fact, that he earns a nice living as a female model. Years later, however, that would come back to haunt him as a cabal of dominant women use their knowledge of Charlie's secret life against him as they make him their sweet, submissive maid. He knows he needs to escape their clutches, but how?

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    I was thinking about the maid's remark, 'run if you can'. A two story jump was not something I wanted to risk at this point. Next to the bed was a small, white, four-drawer dresser. On the other side of the window was a whit vanity with a lighted makeup mirror. A treadmill was between the vanity and the wall facing the corner of the room. The closet on the opposite wall was large but empty.

    I opened the notebook on the vanity and opened the bag to find a pair of pink running shoes and six pairs of pink cotton socks.. I put them on the dresser; then I sat down at the vanity and opened the notebook. 

    Part One dealt with diet, exercise, hygiene, make-up, wig and hair care, as well as something called 'feminine deportment." Part Two dealt with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and serving techniques. The third section was about clothing, accessories, uniforms, footwear and their proper care.