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Bobby was an average man, a loan officer. When the girls come in to his office, all he expected was to approve their loan and get on with his life. Perhaps he should have taken them more seriously, as these women have sinister intentions. Before he knows what's hit him, he is their prisoner. After months of being forced to dress and act like an attractive young woman working in their beauty parlor, he is sent off on a mysterious trip to a little town called Trinidad, Colorado. Wait, isn't that where they...?

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    "Now listen good, neither of us was ever well treated by men. We grabbed you as insurance that our loan application would get a favorable review. We didn't know you'd be leaving the bank. Fortunately for us, whether or not the loan goes through, your lottery winnings will provide for us very nicely indeed! You will be our silent partner so to speak, with the emphasis on the word 'silent'. You will also be working for us, though not in the capacity you have been used to in responsibility or salary. YOU are our prisoner and you WILL follow orders. Remember we have that video that I know you are so proud of. Understood?"