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Artie was the quiet type, shy with girls. He just wanted to earn a living in the office and not make waves. When Joe Dobson decided to harass the office girls, though, he threw a monkey wrench into Artie's simple plans. Artie is recruited to become a girl to trap Joe. Artie agrees, but later, a serious car accident, while dressed, and resulting amnesia, make his life very interesting indeed!

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    Artie, from Friday night till it all ends, your spare time will be devoted to being a woman. Heather has arranged for you to stay here; we will make the spare room up for you. However do not think you can take advantage of Heather.

    "Every night when you come home from work, you will change into women's clothes, and all weekend. As much as possible, think woman, be woman. Your hair at present is reasonable but by the time Joe Dobson meets up with you, it will be long and in a female style. Any questions Artie?"

    Artie Hargreaves was absolutely dazzled at the words Iris spoke. Just what had he let himself in for? He could not back out , he had to go through with it, and he could not look the girls in the face again if he betrayed them. Artie wondered if he would really enter the world of women in some small way. The women smiled at each other; they knew their task was hard, but with a willing participant, it would be easier.

    "Oh, one thing Artie, that name will have to be dropped and a more appropriate female name taken. What about Aretha?"

    "No Iris, that sounds too close to 'Artie' and we do not want Joe to have any clue it's Artie. My suggestion is Debbie."