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It is 1972 and Jerry Blaine has just returned from Vietnam and is working on catching up with his family. One of his brothers has moved out to LA and, although straight, is moonlighting as a female impersonator to cover his living expenses. This is the story of Jerry and his family's life as he becomes more and more involved with transsexual women.

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    Before starting my new appointment at Berkeley, I worked during the summer of 1982 teaching English at the Rainbow, School for Girls, an all-girls school which openly welcomes transsexual girls. I taught one class in English composition; I had one pre-op transsexual among my students. She had her own counselor. I was reading more and more literature on transsexualism for my own benefit. I continued to feel that the girl of my dreams was a genetic female; I still didn't have enough experience with dating transsexual women to feel that it would be possible that the girl of my dreams was born a boy.