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Dr. Diana Dark and Nurse Mary Delaney take action about those who would abuse females. Armed with scalpels and knowledge of the medical arts, they transform abusive men into what they secretly fear the most: WOMEN. Adding an interesting twist, Diana's discovers that her son, Reginald, is transgender.

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    Diana worked on her computer, designing Freddy's new face. After two days, she called Mary into her office and showed her the complete body layout she planned for Freddy.

    Mary nodded her head, then asked, "Diana, don't you think her boobs are rather large for a teenage girl?"

    "No I want that to be the focal point of her body, and no one will mistake her as a male." It was agreed that Dulce Sweet should be called over right away.

    They showed the body design planned for Freddy. She really looks the part, Dr. Dark, but can it be done?"

    "Of course it can, Dulce. Dr. Dark is one of the best surgeons I have ever worked for. By tomorrow, Freda will be the most beautiful girl you ever saw.

    Dulce Sweet looked startled. "Tomorrow, Doctor?"

    "Yes, we will have him here tonight for the operation. If I were you, Dulce, I would spend the rest of the day buying girl's clothes for Freda."