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All Carl wanted was a decent job. To that end, he was willing to put up with a lot, even being asked to make some "unusual" changes in his appearance by his new employer.

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    "Where are my other clothes?" I asked.

    "What other clothes? Everything you need is in your closet and dresser," She answered.

    "I mean my male clothes, my casual stuff. You know like my jeans, cotton socks and sneakers?"

    "Your casual clothes are the denim skirts in the bottom dresser drawer or the shirt dresses hanging in the closet. I suggest you wear a regular bra and panties underneath. You will find them in the top drawer where your men's underwar used to be. I would also suggest you were the three-inch sandals with them," Her voice sounded like she was trying to hold back laughter.

    I was surprised at this because I had hoped to be able to change back to my male clothes after work. Eight hours in foundation garments, a tight skirt, hose and heels was enough. I was too tired to argue so I hung up without saying anything further.