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Bobby is out of control! Shiftless, lazy, dirty, he's a drinker and quits jobs after only a few days. Finally he robs a store which is the last straw. His sister agrees to look after him and try to change his ways. Finally frustrated by his behavior, she lays down the law and gets him a job that he solemnly promises to act responsible with. The twist is that he will be working as a waitress!

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    One evening at the start of my second week of training, Betty came home with a package which she handed me. It was a box, containing a pair of realistic falsies. Betty informed me that they were to be glued to my chest with a special adhesive which would hold them in place until a solvent was administered.

    Every month I would have to remove and re-glue the falsies I was told to take off my blouse and brassiere while betty glued the fake bosoms to my chest. She them applied some makeup around the edges until she was satisfied the falsies looked as though they were part of my chest. Once Betty had finished, I arose from the bed, feeling new weights on my chest. Looking into the full length mirror, I was astounded at the results. I now had perfect 36-B breasts. Betty told me to replace my bra, instructing me to bend forward, inserting the breasts into the bra cups, then slipping the shoulder straps into place.