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The biography of a boy who turns into a lovely woman, not from his desire, but from a series of events that no one could have ever predicted.

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    "Ok James, now listen carefully. I know you may not like this but sometimes we have to do certain things to benefit everyone, just like everyone has to pitch in on a farm.  The girl who was going to be the flower girl in the wedding party was injured in gym class and won't be able to be here. You will be taking her place. Please get undressed so we can see you the dress fits you."

    I was very surprised at this but stripped down to my underpants. Nora opened the box and took out a garment she called a petti slip and held it up by the hem. I put my arms thru the straps and she slipped it over me. After she adjusted the straps she looked me over. Both her and my mom seemed satisfied with the way it fit me.