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Harry's a fool, but even a fool should know not to get into a car drunk. But... he does and causes a fatal accident. Oh but that's not the worst of it, the person in the other car is a member of a notorious crime family. Luckily he is first found by an old friend, Margaret who will help him hide from their revenge. Unfortunately, she has quite the mean streak...

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    "Snap out of it girlie," Clara laughed. Norma giggled at the look of astonishment and disbelief etched on Harry's face. It was obvious that he was almost in a state of catatonic shock at how closely he resembled the two maids, particularly Norma. He had been staring at his reflected image for almost a minute. 

    "What have you done?" he mumbled in a daze. He fought to tear his eyes away from the devastating visual evidence of how much he had been transformed in such a short time. There was little doubt in his mind that even his sister wouldn't recognize him if she walked into the room/

    "We've saved your bacon, wench," Norma snapped in exasperation at the self pitying tone evident in his voice. "Put your macho airs behind you and realize that no one will be able to identify you as a man, let alone as the man they are looking for."