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Two short stories: The Rack and Lovely Leading Lady.

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    Two short stories: In The Rack, Jean is assaulted and tied up by an unknown assailant. Dick takes the opportunity to ogle her helpless form instead of releasing her from her bondage. When she is freed, Jean vows to get even with both her attacker and Dick. Through guile and persuasion, she turns Dick into Dolly and recruits "her" to help her find the person who humiliated her. They form an unusual partnership and find an even more unusual love.

    In Lovely Leading Lady, when Jack loses his job, he and his wife, June, worry about what will happen to their comfortable life. After some thought, June proposes that Jack allow himself to be transformed into Jill so that he can temporarily replace the girl who left her job at June's government office. No one, including the reader, could ever guess where that simple if bizarre suggestion would take the two of them. One thing leads to another until June and Jill, still technically a heterosexual married couple, become national celebrities and Jill is a fantasy figure for many straight men