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Jack's dad, Jennifer, is transgender, but the thought to crossdress had never really crossed his mind. But first it was a dare from his girlfriend to "walk a mile in her shoes" for a couple of days. Next it was from necessity, and next?

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    "I don't do this will all my fashion models," said Andrea as I went over to see her in the morning. Jennifer said she could cope and I shouldn't worry. I ever got the loan of her car for my trip downtown.

    "I realize that," I told her with some agitation. Occasionally, her phone lit up with calls but I guess the answering machine got them.

    "Did you bathe and depilate the way that I told you to?" Andrea asked belligerently.

    I gulped and nodded. There wasn't a hair left on my body any more.

    "You know that I am going to have to take most of your eyebrows away," said Andrea with a scowl. "Even if you change your mond, your mother is going to ask you what you did and why and I am going to be on the hot seat with her. I do not want you to do this if you have any doubts at all. If you are thinking that we can go so far and you'll pull out on me, I don't want you to start."

    I nodded. My mouth was dry, my insides churning at what I was getting myself into. I had to have money and Charlie seemed to have forgotten that I was supposed to be working with him for a couple of weeks.

    ... "It is a contract that identifies you as John Molloy Sheffield, otherwise known as Christine Whitehouse of Christine White, which I think will be a better professional name for you. It provides penalties that you must pay me, starting at twenty thousand dollars if you walked out on me today. That becomes fifty thousand in a week and a hundred thousand in a month."

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    Hot and somewhat believable

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    <p>Well-written story about a college-aged son who wants to help out his parents financially by becoming a top female model. This is a continuation of the story started in the tamer "His Father's Name is Jennifer."</p>