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Eddie is a mostly typical high school boy, trying his best to get along. He is ambitious enough and starts his own business, but discovers along the way that female impersonators fascinate him. Opportunities do present themselves over the years in this story of growing up and changing one's destiny.

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    I took a deep breath and began singing. I was surprised at my own voice. Despite never having sung in public or private I managed to get through the song without my voice quavering at all. I guess I sounded pretty good. When Jo walked back to stand in front of me, the piano player gave him a thumbs up and then left us alone. 

    "That was just about perfect Eddie You sing like a girl, which is just the way I like it. Your voice is soft, melodic and not at all falsetto or screechy like some of the guys who come in here and try to sing like then think a woman sounds. Come on back in the office and we will talk further."