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A collection of four exciting adventures in gender by Dulci Daily:

  • The Case of the Stapless Stripper - where guys learn about womanly feelings
  • A Girlfriend at Last - explores the realizations of alternative relationships
  • Homo on the Home Front - in which a boy discovers his true feelings during the time of WWII
  • Young Goodwife Green - in which a transgendered young man, living in Puritan times, comes to confront his true self despite the society in which she lives
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    "Well!" Dean said, giving a sharp, nervous sounding laugh. "Um - yeah, I'm pretty girl-crazy too, in my own way!"

    What's your own way? Bill almost blurted out, but stopped himself. Dean looked embarrassed enough already. He was actually blushing. Not only that, but his nipples were sticking out, plainly visible through his tight T-shirt.

    Bill stared at Dean's breasts for way too long. Yes Dean had real breasts, chubby little ones a lot like those of some of Bill's nude beauties, and his T-shirt showed their exact size and shape. He ripped his eyes away at once, though, when he saw that Dean had caught him looking. Bill feared he knew the answer to his question already: Dean was crazyt about being a girlish gay. Dean, unlike any real girl, was going to want sex with him. Bill wasn't going to do it - or was he?