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Our story begins as the 70 year old sissy maid, Veronica, is informed that she is cancer free. This news touches off her reminiscing about the beginnings of her subservient relationship to Sheila, some 50 years before. Back then, the young Vernon, in trouble with a loan shark, meets the lovely Sheila, who wants to help him with his financial trouble by offering this slim and slightly feminine lad a modeling job.

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    "I have it all planned out for you. You will follow the terms of your contract for starters. Your change of face is just the beginning. Your body will experience some physical changes as well but with your new face, body and some training, I am going to help you transition successfully to a new life. You cannot have any contact with persons in your previous life. Not your parents, friends, NOBODY."

    Essentially you will always be in my care. sort of like witness protection. Your previous life is history, Vernon Knox doesn't exist anymore. He has fallen off the edge of the world never to be seen again."