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Charles has been caught embezzling money from his condo association. Luckily it's by a woman who is offering him a way out by selling his home and using the proceeds to make a payback. All he has to do is move in with her, help around the house, and go to work in her dress shop. Well not all, she does have plans to turn him into a complete sissy.

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    She put a finger under my chin and lifted my face up until she was looking straight into my eyes.

    "Charles? You and I are going into my closet. We are going to find clothes that may be of use to you. I expect no more nonsense. As a matter of fact? I want to see you in a skirt and blouse tomorrow morning - and a fresh apron of course - at breakfast. Do you understand me? If you have a problem with that request, I suggest you tell me about it, right now. Do you have a problem?"

    "I don't have to wear women's clothes outside?" I asked weakly, looking for some way I could hld my self esteem.

    "Of course not, you silly goose! I'd prefer it of course, but I can see that you'd have to get used to that," she said, chucking me under the chin - but you DO understand now that I expect feminine clothing and behavior from you inside this house - at all time?"

    "Yes Paula," I muttered, glad to have kept at least a remnant of my masculine pride.