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After recovering from his drug addiction, John is down and out. He has no money, no possessions, no place to live and is being hunted by all kinds of people. In desperation he looks up his ex-wife, Susie, for help. When he is told that with a meal and a hot bath, he has to leave, her personal assistant, Olga, has an idea. If he only started Doing a little housework, he could stay for an extra day or two. We know it's not going to stop there, it never does.

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    "Exactly! And to be quite honest, I think that if you could remain subservient to her, she might like the idea enough to have you stay on."

    "I see what you are saying," I said, "but I don't want to sound suspicious, but why are you being so nice to me?"

    She shook her head vigorously. "You've got it all wrong. Susie's not only my employer, she the best friend I ever had. She's got the makings of being a very successful writer, but in my opinion has terrible hangups as far as you're concerned. I'm thinking that she is the one that would benefit from this - the fact that you are also getting what you need is inconsequential to me... It's Susie I care about."

    I was impressed by her honesty. "Olga? Thanks for being so open with me, I do appreciate your idea - but I have the feeling that there's something you haven't touched on yet. What is there that I'm not going to like?"

    "The clothes." She said simply. "I think that most of her new confidence came from the fact that you were in woman's clothes. It effeminized you - and she like that, enjoyed it. She's embraced a more powerful side of her own personality since she left you, enjoys being the dominant force in her relationships now. I think she's becoming curious - wonders what it would be like to have you..." she paused, "as a girl working for her."