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Sandy Thomas Advertising has been publishing fine stories of transvestism, crossdressing and transgenderism. Mags Inc is proud to be representing these fine books once again.

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Sissy to Stewardess by Sandy Thomas sandy thomas, mags inc, crossdress, transvestite, transvestism, transgender. contemporary TV fiction, Sissy, Sissy to Stewardess.
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    So the next day she told him he couldn't work for Orchard anymore, but added, "Unless you are willing to put on a dress uniform like the trainees.""D... dress uniform?" Gillie stammered. "Are you serious? I can't be wearing a skirt. I'd look ridiculous and horrible.. and I'd feel horrible. Everyone would laugh at me and call me names.""I don't think so, honey. I think the firls will think it''s very appropriate for a male like you. Look, I love the way you have worked so far, but this is the...