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This story places transgender issues in the context of current events. If you had the power to know the future, if you knew the enormity of what would result by reporting something that you had seen, knew that it would change your life, and yourself, totally, would you step forward?

Daniel Storage, a former CIA agent, found what he believed to be a terrorist hideaway in a derelict part of town but he had no idea what radical changes would be done to him, to safeguard him while in the Witness Protection Program. Can he adjust to a new life as a woman?

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    Waking the next morning wasn't quiet as strange for Daniel. After three days, he was slowly getting used to waking with the feel of large womanly breasts on his chest and the soft cool feeling of nylon around his body. He was still hard-pressed to get used to his much longer tapered finger nails and he stabbed himself in the eye twice when trying to rub sleep from them.

    It was a warm day and there were no plans to go out, so, in spite of his inner reluctance, he put on a skirt and sleeveless top and slipped his feet into a pair of two-inch heeled mule sandals. He didn't have any male clothes, anyway.