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Reluctant Press Book Cover

Evelyn has always been so very close to his mother and almost naturally has tried on all the women's clothes that her stores sell. When she falls sick to leukemia.that closeness only intensifies. With the help of her girlfriends, he becomes more and more feminine, almost naturally. Where does it stop?

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    As I left the shower Mom told me how much she had missed having a daughter. With her hands on her hips she commented, "You know Evelyn, you'll probably be developing more pronounced hips like mine and a bigger butt. And don't be surprised if your breasts grow like these," indicating her own beauties.

    I smiled considering this, thinking how beautiful she was and how much she was exaggerating the situation. I'd probably develop some minor female characteristics which would help my disguise but more importantly I'd be gaining a feminine perspective of things so I could handle the customers more comfortably. then I would stop the hormones and revert back, certainly before it went that far, that's for sure.