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I definitely wasn'’t going to tell him my real name, John Samuel Barrington. And I wasn’'t going to tell him that I was also Samantha Carter, the missing singer. (read more below)

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    I didn't have a clue what Andy was talking about. I didn't tell him my name. How could I? I didn't know yet who I was going to be for a while. I definitely wasn't going to tell him my real name, John Samuel Barrington. And I wasn't going to tell him that I was also Samantha Carter, the missing singer from the reality show, Voice of the Americas, and he could earn $100,000, the latest reward offering, by turning me in to officials of the show who were making quite a fortune off me.

    I think that they would have hated him showing up with me anyway and having to pay out on the reward they were offering to anyone who could tell them where I was. I was sure that they hoped, by now, that I was dead in a ditch somewhere.