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Max Swift, one of our (and yours) favorite writers, brings us the 3rd book in a series started in Macumba Rumba 1 and Macumba Rumba 2 as the transformation of Jody Combs from man into a lovely woman continues.

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    The Cast of Characters:

    Jody Combs: Gigolo and beach bum who lives in the Florida Keys. Women are drawn to his tan slim body and good looks. He likes the kicked-back lifestyle, preys on wealthy older women.

    Adrena Forchia: Tall slim woman who migrates south from Cyrenaica to Macumba Beach, buys the old Pink Chameleon.

    Ricky Rysler: Effeminate companion of Adrena Forchia, houseboy and lover.

    Rene Dehaven: Headliner at Pink Chameleon. Her new boss wants to promote this tall vivacious transsexual to club manager, and have her entertain out of town guests who have special needs.

    Ian MacCaulley: Represents old money, lives on precious beach property with is coveted by business developers, is a frequent visitor to the Pink Chameleon.

    Connie Fairchild: Petite tranny, works at the Pink Chameleon, was once a hairstylist from NYC, is attracted to REne and kinky sex.

    Ingrid and Iris MacCaulley: More than mischievous twin sisters of Ian, spoiled and beautiful, they come home in time to see their mother, Inga who is about to be released from prison. They will go along with anything as long as it's spicy and jaded.

    Norton Norris and Melvin Morris: Macumba Beach detectives, who are familiar with the MacCaulley clan, investigated the crime which took place at MacCaulley's beachfront Property years ago.

    Angela Forchia and Louella Combs: Mothers of the main characters, both assetive women who alsas had their way at home.