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The death of his parents causes 17 year old Tommy to fall into the hands of his only surviving relative, Aunt Veronica. Veronica is not exactly pleased by this development but sees in the young man the kind of potential only spoken of in the pages of our books at Mags Inc! And Tommy is quickly rechristened as Tammi!

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    Tammi was playing with his requisite Barbie doll at his aunt's feet. She liked to watch him play with his dolls as she read the paper after dinner. Tammi, dressed and redressed the blonde doll seemingly endlessly and, for the most part, listlessly, exhibiting interest only when he thought his aunt was looking closely. Now he assumed his prissy counterfeit smile that he had learned early on and beamed up at her. It was a smile that had saved him many a paddling. "Smile, always, smile," his aunt and teachers had insisted. "I don't want to to have worry lines on that pretty face of yours!"