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This is the continuation of the dark science fiction story begun in Pandemonium. David and Suzanne become more deeply immersed in the dark virtual reality computer game Sin City, completely taking over their real lives. David has been turned into the sexy Doris, while Suzanne has become an over sexed shemale with all the attributes that might entail. Further it has distorted their once loving marriage into one of cruel domination and submission.

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    Putting on her los top tennis shoes, she walked across the room. Suzanne felt pain in her lower legs. Replacing the tennis shoes, Suzanne discovered that her legs wouldn't permit her to wear normal shoes and she would be restricted to wear high heels all the time now.

    Gone were the days of carefree living. Now she knew that whenever she wore her jeans or short shorts, she would stand ot like the whore she had become.

    Doris watched her as Suzanne attempted to reverse the Bimboization process already started, knowing that it would now be impossible to halt, or reverse. She had won. She had destroyed the prim and proper woman who had taken over her playground.