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The nightmare continues in Part Two of our this unusual story of Julian Avery, a teenage boy who has been forced to attend high school as a girl when he only thought he was taking a stand against an unfair dress code in support of the girls. But now, not only does his best friend seem to be interested in him as a hottie, but so is the local football star.

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    �Ow, ow, ow!� shouted Julian.

    Hold still, you baby!� teased Ashley as she lifted Julian�s hair and brushed it upwards vigorously. �This is going to add so much volume to your hair, you won�t believe the difference!�

    Ashley pulled his hair, spraying it from beneath. Julian tried to ignore the amount of spray as it blinded him in one eye and left a chemical taste as it went in his mouth and landed on his tongue. These girls were hell-bent on perfection in beauty, and nothing he could say would stop the process.

    �You want to be gorgeous for your date with Sid, don�t you?� Bailey reminded him as she tweezed Julian�s eyebrows to a template of perfection based on information from a website that analyzed the boy�s facial features and proposed the perfect feminine brows.

    �Sid already thinks I�m gorgeous!� Julian complained. Julian�s problem was holding Sid back, not luring him in! But there was not much he could do dressed as he was in only his bra and panty set. Most of his effort needed to be focused on covering himself and keeping the tiny strips of cloth in place.