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Andrew a hard working IT expert decides to run home after work one day and almost runs into a woman. He makes matters worse by yelling an insult at her. Well this woman isn't just any woman. Jenny is part of a female impersonator troupe and also well connected to the community at large. The troupe quickly grabs him and transforms him. After they release the new "Angie" to make his way home, he gets arrested as a streetwalker. It's the beginning of a long slow and delicious slide to a whole new and sexy life.

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    I ran, not because of her words, but because of the knife in her hand. The problem was that I ran in the wrong direction. Instead of turning back I had gone further into this colorful neighborhood. If there ever was a moment to start panicking, it was then and so I did. I was flipping so hard that I didn't notice the police car pulling up next to me. Before I knew what was happening, I was pushed into the car by a police woman. She hadn't cuffed me. Not that it was necessary. With those heels, I couldn't have outrun a snail. Being at the back of the car had a strangely calming effect. At least I was safe, well from the world outside anyway. Now I had to deal with a fierce-looking police woman. I just had to tell her what had happened. It took the whole ride to make her stop laughing. She turned around, facing me with a smile.

    "That's a nice excuse. I haven't heard that one before. I never guessed that you were one of that type of a girl. You look even better than my nice and she's a model. Well she tries to be."

    "I'm not. Like I said, this wasn't my choice. they made me. This is not what I want to be. I just want to get home and change."

    "Sure. Whatever you say, but you can't go home yet. You have to stay for the night. We have a nice cell for a girl like you."