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Ms. Daily has taken a situation that is very timely and applied a transgender love story to it. At the center is an organization that falsely claims to cure homosexuality. Its founder is Dr. Bill who is in fact gay. His wife, Rhonda apparently a lovely woman, is not all woman, and Dr. Bill gets his homosexual desires met through her. She meets and begins to fall in love with another woman, Janet. Together they plot to bring down this false profit.

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    New feelings, such as Rhonda had never known before, were rapidly invading Rhonda's heart from the source in Janet's eyes. Despite Rhonda's heaps of sexual experience, she had never been in love. She was not even sure what it would be like to be in love. She wondered if she was starting to be in love with Janet - and if Janet, too, was starting to be in love with her. She did not know. She knew only that if this was the beginning of love - real, true, faithful barely believable love - she must not miss out on it, lest she be sorry all her life.