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Can there be magic in an old broken down nightclub? A group of men, all of whom are searching for answers to their own gender identities are drawn to such a club. We trace these different individual's experiences as it changes their careers and their love lives in the Go Girl, No Girl Review.

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    Gerald had learned that to please Diane, he had to do what he was told. He didn't mind. Life was exciting and he was turned on by the challenge of both being constantly embarrassed. and not allwoing anyone to notice that he felt so.

    "You like being turned into my plaything," she had told him when their relationship was starting, and sure enough each challenge, each additional humiliation, fed into his need to serve her. He tried so hard to appear like a normal woman, but she wouldn't allow it to be perfect. He had always to be a man dressed up.

    "May I ask what Kate was talking about, madam?" he asked. "She mentioned a show bar."

    "She did, Gerald," Diane replied, holding out her glass for him to replenish. "She wants some female impersonators to take part in their show."

    "And I could be part of the plans?" he asked.

    "I think you may," Diand replied. "Of course, your femininity will have to be improved before you're good enough. The audience must wonder, but never really know."