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Jack Knowles volunteers to play the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at his all boy prep-school. The play's director decides that Jack and the other boys, who play feminine parts, should be separated from the other boys to live as girl's full time, to endure their authenticity in the roles. Soon, Jack and the others discover that not all boys can be boys at all.

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    Finally Ms. Duval entered the house. She was holding what looked like a riding crop under her arm. She was dressed in a manner I had never seen before. Her hair was tied up in a tight bun. The lines of her makeup were sharper than usual. She wore a charcoal gray jumpsuit with padded shoulders. Her petite feet were encased in nude stockings and rested in 3 inch clear sandals.

    She wasn't smiling. She took command of the situation immediately. "Mr. Legrand has asked me to do the school a favor and I consented. He tells me you have all freely volunteered for the transformation. Is this correct?" She demanded.

    "Yes Ma'am!" we answered.

    "Good, very good." she said. "From now on you will do as I say. You are no longer Avery, Brad, Jack and Jimmy. You are Ava, Brea, Jackie and Jenny. You will walk, talk, sit, stand, eat, pee and think like girls. Understand?"

    This time our response was a little less enthusiastic but we were still pumped up by Mr. Legrand's speech.

    "Yes Ma'am," we said.

    "The first thing you girls must realize is that your Mistress will always be addressed as Mistress. You will avoid my eye and curtsey whenever you address me, make no mistake, I wear the pants here!" I was scared to death. "Now upstairs and out of those filthy boy things."