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Author William Kincaid gives us a moving, intelligent story about three transwomen and their journey to womanhood and love. Each has her own path to follow but, over time, their stories intertwine as they struggle to understand themselves and their passions. Along the way, they all learn that men can love women who were born different, both in and out of bed.

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    As the only other transgendered woman in the group, Cindy remembered her own reaction, a stunned "Oh my God" when she saw her female self for the first time, wearing a long green dress, black stockings, and black patent leather pumps. She hesitated in her response, trying to say the exact right thing. "You will always remember this moment, girl, cherish it. Ladies, let us give the young lady some time and space to revel in her feelings. Girl, join us when you are ready to take on the world as the woman you are."