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At an early age, Chris was trained to live as a girl, then later trained to live as a boy, and when he reaches his adulthood he wonders what the future will bring. He does dream of finding the right woman who will take charge and decide his future. Then he meets the sex crazed Sandra who begins to retrain him, again, but this time as the ultra feminine sissy Christine.

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    "I want to ask you to the Homecoming dance," she (Sandra) said to me, "but not the school one. It's a different special one. Have you heard of the Turnabout Homecoming held every year at the Excelsior Motor Lodge?"

    "I haven't' heard of it," I replied. "What do you mean by special or different?"

    "Well, all the guys go dressed as girls, and the girls go dressed as guys. I would wear a tux and you would wear a dress. Like one of those we saw at the mall a couple of months ago."

    She was grinning and edged closer to me. I knew I couldn't refuse her request.

    "Well, I guess it would be OK. What do you want me to do?"

    "Oh, I will take care of everything. I will pick up you at six on Saturday evening, the 27th. Don't worry about a thing."