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Kris Castille is mugged on his way home from his last class at Community College. Dale finds him and gets him patched up, but more importantly this brings him in contact with The Quiet Legion, a group of gender explorers. He is seduced by them (in several ways) and finds a new life.

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    "...Do you know why those guys who beat you up are so afraid?"

    "I was the one who was afraid. Do you think other people see me as a threat? That maybe, I'm going to expose them for some totally awful sin or whatever? Tough thought but I've never had sex, guy or gal, so am really not qualified. What are you getting at?"

    Dale relaxed and sipped from his wine glass. "There is a sort of club, very informal. They are known on campus as the 'Quiet Legion'. You see them often without actually recognizing fellow students. At night, on the quad, you can't tell for sure. Boys look like girls; they are hiding. Some girls do the same. Don't be shocked."

    Kris sat up. "Transvestites? I've heard of that. Do we actually have some here?"

    Dale sat next to Kris and stretched his legs. "Interested? Want to try? Remember that attractive orderly at the clinic, Deb Speer? We are both in the QL, Quiet Legion. Even not speaking in the course of a routine day, we are friends immediately."

    "Because you both have some issue to hide. What is it?"

    "Before I go into detail on the human condition, let's take a walk. It's Friday night. The soccer game is well over and the crowds are gathered in packs in favorite hauts. Want to go?"

    "You want me to, don't you?"

    "Yes, I wasn't sure at first but you are not only a likeable guy but I find you attractive, as well. Your intelligent approach to issues can't be denied."