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Another sexy episode in Mike's life. Now known as Michelle, a girl reporter, working in the Raybold River Valley, where men are men, except when they are women. Follow along as Michelle tries to decide between goddess or working girl, reporter or stripper? It's a story of multiple characters and multiple genders. You will need a scorecard in this sexy tale.

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    Breanne went off, with a more pronounced sway in her walk now she was attending the Del Monte Charm School with Ellen. At times, I was sure neither of our new 'girl reporters', ever thought about what they were - so much were they into being 'girl reporters'. They always had to have their makeup perfect, smiling prettily to everyone they met. They were confident, from the first, in their femininity, so unlike me. Men were their willing sources on all kinds of stories. I wondered what would happen if I sent Breanne over to the Temple to interview Tony Whitehouse. No, I should do that myself, if anyone did.