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We have all heard the story of Don Quixote as it has been told through the ages, but there are secrets that were never disclosed. Don't miss this fascinating expos´┐Ż of one of literature's greatest heroes, and of the lady he worshipped as a goddess - who, in the words of his squire Sancho Panza, was "no lady, nor even a female of the baser sort"!

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    I had never worn women's clothes when the sons of Belial attacked me. That came later, almost 5 years later. True, youths sometimes tried to get me to wear them - in hope, I feared, of committing the sin of Sodom with me - but I refused them. They did not press the matter too far, for the two sons of Belial, Juan and Arturo, had made my axe and pitchfork as well known as my girlish pretentions. Not until I was almost 19 years old did I appear in women's clothing as Aldonza.