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It's well known just how addicting video games can become and Casey had it bad. When Rodney offered to tutor him in the finer points so he could become a winning player, he jumped in with both feet. Rodney's motivations were anything but pure, however. Within his lessons, he disguises hypnotic suggestions to change the poor Casey into his perfect woman.

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    As Casey was cleaning, Rodney was in the AV room putting the finishing touches on his program.

    He's coming along better than I expected. I really liked how he tied that blue dress shirt into a bow knot under his chest and cuffed the sleeves above the elbows. Even wearing white tennis shorts with his hair tied off in a high pony tail. Giving him that iPod was sheer genius. It's really re-enforcing my main program. I need to go over that new programming now, he thought switching on play.

    "Suzie Homemaker is an old fashioned girl. She loves full skirts, girdles and ruffled petticoats wheil wearing stockings and high heels no matter what the task...."