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Daniel Barnes has a hard time turning down any request from a woman and as a result finds himself engaged to a very dominating woman despite his lack of love for her. Next his sister convinces him to help her finish her dissertation by dressing as a woman so she can observe behavioral changes. But as his wedding day approaches he wonders if he can be man enough to become a husband.

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    What lay on my bed was a long black satin nightgown with matching robe. For a moment I wondered why I would need a matching robe. As if I wouldn't look ridiculous enough in a gown. But the robe would give me at least a more normal appearance. I wasted a long time staring at my new nightwear. If I was to have a decent night's rest, I'd have to change quickly. I turned out that I didn't succeed in either. The satin nightgown played with my feelings more intensely than the panties had done and my hairless skin made it almost unbearable. I finally fell asleep after my mother had brought me some hot chocolate. I know that is not very mature, but I was still glad she had, even when it was with a hidden motive.

    "Here drink this chocolate. I think you will need it. It has that herb in it I talked about. It will take days before it will start working. So I better give you some extra during the first week. You don't have to worry that I run out. they are easy to get for someone like me."

    "What herbs are they, anyway? Where did you get them? Who would just give them to you?"

    "Oh, an alternative health shop. They've got the weirdest cures for the weirdest human defects."

    My subconscious knew that something was fishy, but my higher brain suppressed the possibility. It was my mother; how could I not trust her? It was also the easiest way to cope with an unknown reality.