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Two New Woman stories... In I Witness. after a man testifies against a mobster he is put into witness protection. Unfortunately, the person in charge of his new identity has a serious bone to pick with him and comes up with the perfect solution to fulfill her duty and make his new identity as difficult for him as possible. In Raven's Diary, Abroad Forever, we read how Raven has struggled with her new identity that was forced upon her.

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    I went into the bathroom and the thought of having to use the women's room started me crying again. Looking at myself in the mirror as I dried my tears and fixed my make-up, and I think I really saw for the first time how different I was. My lips, eyes, and nose don't look like they used to, and I can see now that Marla made sure it was going to be very hard for me to ever look like 'David' again! I sat in the toilet stall for maybe fifteen minutes pondering all this shit.

    I listened to the sounds of the other women in the bathroom with me and found myself trying to remember what it felt like to be in a men's bathroom, standing at a urinal, instead of sitting in a stall. Watching their feet pass by me as they came and went, and wondering what their lives ere like. I was identifying with those women who married the wrong guy. Whose lives were now out of their control Somehow, during this thought process. I found that I had gotten rock hard.