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Three stories about men who find themselves in the odd position of having to live full-time as females. None of them ever wanted or even considered such a future for themselves but fate, sometimes assisted by wily women, occasionally calls the shots. Here's the question posed by these three intriguing and beguiling stories - is it really all that bad to be a beautiful woman, even if you were forced into it?

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    Females in that era (the last half of the 1800's) all wore corsets to cover, shape, and support their bust and midriff. While Daniel was rushing to get covered by those bloomers, Natalie was selecting a corset for him to wear. The twins easily controlled Daniel by grasping his ears, while they instructed hmi on what moves to make. The order was to slip quickly into the corset, and fasten the front closure clips.

    Nancy, secured his hands to the metal footboard while Natalie was deftly lacing that corset to fit quite snug on his body Those lacings were tied securely way up behind Daniel's back and completely out of his reach. Together they slid the bloomers' waistband out from under the lower part of the foundation garment, then raised them back up to rest with the elastic right at his waist.

    They quickly dressed him in a full-bodied petticoat and one of their conservative working "Farm Girl" dresses. Lisle stockings, garters, and buckle-on Mary Jane shoes completed that dressing episode. Nancy went in under the dress and petticoat to pull the bloomer legs back down below Daniel's knees.