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If you have ever wondered what it's like for a male to pass as a beautiful woman, this is the book for you. It tells the story of "Char" and her real life experiences as she and her wife, Nadine go out at night and live their lives. It even delves into how Nadine feels about it when Char is hit on by strange men.

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    I'm pleased, very pleased that Charlotte is back. Nadine leaves the room and comes back with a brand new black leather jacket we bought over the summer in a sale. It is ruched around the hem and even has small pockets. she helps be put it on, pulling out my hair so it sets over the top of the jacket. I draw the up the zip, slightly.

    I look very natural, very feminine. The white and black dress with the red flowers peeks from under the jacket, it touches my knee and the black tights show off smooth, shapely calves. My heart beats fast. I feel excited, I feel alive. I want to go out. Twenty-two times I have been to the theatre dressed as a woman. Twenty-two times and this is the twenty-third. I have beeen read, of course, in the early days, but not tonight. Tonight I look too good.