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It's 1966 and a new, young teacher, Clara Francis, has joined the staff at fourteen-year-old James's all boys school. She is keen to produce a drama but they need a female lead and the Headmaster is not happy with girls from their local school playing the parts. A na�ve James is asked, by Miss Francis, to undertake the role. He does so reluctantly but gradually embraces the part and and finds he enjoys dressing as a girl. He soon comes to understand that he is a transvestite. Miss Francis, however, is not all that she seems to be and has a surprise in store which involves James's family and a subtle form of revenge

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    By then I was wearing the undergarments I was supposed to wear for the production; the corset, the suspenders, the stockings, the French knickers. I never asked - and Clara never said - why I needed to wear all female undergarments, but she had implied that it was to help make me feel like a woman, so I would act more convincingly. I know there was more to it than that. For some reason, she really wanted me to embrace being female - she wanted the look to be total - she wanted me to feel like a woman, she wanted me to experience it. Why else would she have gone to such expense and trouble to make make sure I was so convincing?