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Carl makes a good living as a female impersonator due to his naturally feminine features. Once he quits that job, he begins an incredible journey that ends up with him in the hands of a mobster on the French Riviera, complete with a beautiful home, a fabulous wardrobe, an expense account and, sizeable breast implants. Follow Carl, no Carla, on this amazing journey.

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    "You had me fooled," Melissa said as she kissed him on both cheeks. "What happened? Silly question; I can see what happened, but why?"

    "I got fed up," Carla replied. "I hate being a third rate drag queen, so I decided that I had to either run away altogether or go back to being a female impersonator."

    "But you can't hide that hair and those nails," Melissa held his hand and touched his hair.

    "I don't intend to," Carla said. "I learned a long time ago that it was easier to stay in character than it was to change from boy to girl and back again each day."

    "So has my boyfriend gone for good?" Melissa asked.

    "It's all in working order under this dress, if that's what you mean." Carla laughed. "I can't wait to see Marcel's face when he thinks I've deserted him and then when he realizes that I haven't."

    "He'll take some convincing." Melissa stood back and looked him over once more. "Even I have trouble recognizing anything under that dress."