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It started with a simple costume party. Our hero is made up by his brilliant-at-makeup sister to be a witch. As a result, he "pulls" the most desirable boy at the dance, Greg, who kisses him. But they both know it's a life changing experience and one that leads down the path of transformation.

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    (After the dance, in his bedroom cleaning up from his appearance as a witch)

    I couldn't concentrate. Greg filled my mind. I hadn't thought about the sex thing with any seriousness. I know how I felt as he said those things to me. I was certain he knew who I was.

    "I'm not girlfriend material," I told myself sternly, yet I knew that there was a new power in the makeup and the feelings beginning within me.

    "If I can be a witch, I wonder if Karen can make me a prom queen as well." I pictured myself differently now, "But I don't have the plumbing and I dont have the right shape."

    I thought some more. "I can't ask Karen to do anything like that and I don't have her skills. She'll probably hate me if I ask. I'd be better putting this down to experience and forgetting the whole thing."

    These thoughts were interrupted by a soft tapping at the window. I ignored it, then it came again, more insistent this time. I went to the curtain and peeked out. I got such a shock that I rapped back on the window, then hurried to the door before anyone should see.

    "Greg, what on earth are you doing here?" I hissed at him.

    "I came to see you," he replied. "If you don't let me in, I'm going to start serenading you and then what will the neighbors think?"