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Madison, and yes it can be a boy's name, has been raised by a mother who loved to dress him up as a girl and he has grown to love this switching. When his Aunt passes, she leaves him a sizable inheritance of businesses related to the interests of a woman, while other businesses go onto distant male cousins. Read on to discover his increasingly painful dilemma on which gender to live as, male, female, or perhaps even both!

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    "Let me look at you," Mother gushed and came and took my hands. "I love the dress, and the makeup. You're such an artist."

    "And no one would guess I'm a boy." I said. "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

    "Of course I am." Mother replied. "I always thought you were better as a girl than a boy."

    "Now it seems you have your way," I replied. "My female persona has been accepted as the inheritor of all this. I've been photographed and introduced in enough places to know that any change to boy status would be difficult to say in the least."

    "And why would you every want to?" she asked. "You're beautiful and you can have an amazing time with all you have."

    "Maybe I might want to have a girlfriend." I interrupted. "It's what most boys of my age expect."

    "You can still have a girlfriend," MOther said.

    "Maybe not in the way that I was thinking."

    "Now you are just being silly." Mother looked at me. "Look in the mirror and tell me that you don't love the image."

    "That's part of the trouble," I sighed. "I do love it all. the trouble is that I don't know where it's going to take me in the future."

    "Worry about today," Mother nodded and smiled. "Let tomorrow look after itself. We can always go home and you can change back to being a boy there if that's what you want. Be a girl here and a boy thee."

    Perhaps only a little consoled, I agreed.