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Howard and his mom are trying to pull together enough money so that his sister can attend dental college, her dream. It seems impossible until his mom's boss, Larry Antrobus, gives the young man a chance to make some money at his company. But Larry sees something in the young man, something he has been searching for. Could Howard become his transgender lover? Can Howard resist even if it means the end of his sister's dreams?

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    "Are you ready to go?" Mr. Antrobus called/

    "Ready as I'll ever be,' Howard answered, and stepped through the door. Mt. Antrobus stood a few paces away, looking him up and down. "...if you really want me to go like this?" Howard stood back to give him the full view.

    "Yes, of course." Antrobus replied. "You scrub up rather well."

    "I'm not sure what you want, but I look like a boy dressed up in his sister's clothes." Howard took a deep breath. "Is this what you intended?"

    "I have no idea what you mean," Antrobus replied. 

    "Was it a test, do I pass?" Howard could feel a little panic as he realized that Antrobus intended them to go out. "I look wrong. They'll laugh at us."

    "They will if you go around telling everyone that you're wearing your sister's clothes."

    "These aren't my sister's clothes, and you know what I mean." Howard suppressed a feeling of ange. He remembered the jobs depending on Mr. Antrobus.

    "Well you could do something to make yourself a little less obvious."

    "And how do you propose I should do that?" Howard snapped.

    "Talk a little softer, use a bit of makeup, jewellery maybe, and no one will ever think twice."