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Justine is a single mom who is trying to deal with her son Max, a typically rambunctious boy. One day, talking it over with her best friend, a possible solution is discussed. If he were to be made to be dressed as a girl, his embarrassment might just temper his behaviour! But how will Max take to this radical solution? A story of good, clean girly fun!

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    Of course, when I took Max to Tanya's house the following day, he had absolutely no knowledge at all of how his life would change - nor did I. Would I have done it if I had realised? I honestly don't know, but what happened that Wednesday was that Max was subjected to one of those life changing incidents that have many unforeseen consequences but at the time seem innocent enough. So when Tanya opened the door to us, Max did not detect the warmth in Tanya's voice and the smile on her glossy red Lips as she said, "Lovely to see you both."