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It all started when he was 7 or 8 and his older sisters would dress him as some version of a girl for Halloween. This went on for years - he was their little "dress-up doll" for those kinds of events. Later when they were establishing themselves as hair and makeup artists they used him as a model in competitions and one of them was a challenge to create a Marilyn Monroe lookalike. It was so successful that the owner of the salon where the girls were working took notice and Alex was enlisted as his bed partner.

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    "What do you think Mom?" Sophia asked as I came down to dinner.

    I still felt very self-conscious as a blonde. I'd tried to dress it down, but there was no way I could hide it. I had on my usual skinny jeans, black this time, with black heels and a tight T-shirt with cap sleeves.

    "I think you look really beautiful." Mother said to me. I'm really pleased that you're joining in with your sisters and doing what they want. Without you they'd never have had this opportunity."

    "Thanks Mom," I replied without any real conviction. 

    "Wait until you see him dressed and made up," Sophia said. " We've got it all worked out."

    "There's not a red-blooded guy in town that wouldn't drool over our girl," Olivia smirked at me and pulled a face.

    "That's what I'm afraid of," I said softly. I didn't want to upset them.

    "When can I see my new daughter?" Mom asked as I cleared the table.

    "Tomorrow evening," Olivia relied. "We're taking her to a private party that the salon has organised as a showcase."

    "You can't be serious." This was the first I'd heard of it.